Steps to Success with SFI

You CAN Have A successful SFI Business! 

And Here's A Business Plan That Shows You Exactly What To Do To Get It!

Assumption: You're an SFI Affiliate, you're ready to commit now to SFI, and you want to know what to do to gain the most from your new venture.

It's all about Taking Direct Action! Starting NOW and Every Day until you reach your goals.

Dear SFI Affiliate:

This is Lori Gorman and I am a SFI TEAM LEADER. It is my job to teach you how to make money with SFI by marketing and advertising YOUR FREE SFI Website.

I have worked with SFI since 2006 and I am frequently in the top SFI Sponsors list, out of the hundreds of thousands SFI affiliates from around the world. I have been very successful with SFI and it is now time I share my learnings with you so that you can achieve the same success an I have with SFI.

As an SFI Affiliate your free SFI website is online now and needs to be advertised & marketed on the Internet where people search for work at home income. There are literally THOUSANDS of ways to promote your new SFI websites online and I will show you where they are...Your job is to type in ads linking to YOUR SFI website. I will provide you with step by step blueprint to follow.

If you follow this plan everyday, step by step, you will do very well with SFI.

Remember - This is NOT A SALES JOB!!

Your job is to just get people to visit your SFI website. SFI takes it from there and will close all sales for you.

Before I continue let me tell you a bit about myself...

I live modestly with my husband and 2 of my 3 children (my oldest is grown and on his own) in New York. I have been involved with Internet Marketing and Home Business since 1998.  I find it to be extremely rewarding to earn an income and still be home for my children.  I have been fortunate enough to have attended most (if not all) recitals, games, conferences or any other activities my children are involved with.  I even find time to volunteer with the school as well as my church.

I have put together the following Steps To Success with SFI from my learnings and teachings on how to grow my SFI business. I owe a great deal of my success today to my SFI sponsor and mentor, Erich Winnecke.  I also owe a big thank you to Chris Stirling who has taught and inspired me. I believe the Steps to Success with SFI is easy to understand and will give you a clear understanding of why SFI is such an excellent way to make money on the Internet using your home PC.

**Prior experience is not necessary to have a successful SFI business.**

The beauty of SFI is it is a program of DUPLICATION! We copy and use what is already working for our Sponsors and Team Leaders.

I will teach you everything I've learned and help you earn a good income with SFI. If you work the Steps to Success with SFI, I promise you will make a nice online income.... which can eventually progress to the same level [or higher] than I am making.

If you want to work with me as your SFI Team Leader and Mentor simply fill out the form below and I will send you Step 1 of my Steps to Success with SFI to you for Free.


Steps to Success with SFI   

Taking action is essential to your SFI Business success.

You MUST continually, every day, follow a business plan to get what you want!

I'm giving you the Steps to Success with SFI - absolutely free.
I will show you exactly how to execute this plan.
It's a simple, yet powerful plan that does work... and will work for you, IF you follow it step by step.

Your only obligation is to apply the plan to your business success.

1) First you must take the time to learn about SFI so that you have a strong understanding of how it works. This is like building the foundation of a house. Without a strong foundation the house will not stand up to the tests of time. We are building a long term business with this plan so first make sure you know what you are building.

I will show you where to go for the best information on SFI.

2)Second of all, to ensure the continuing success of your SFI Business, it is vital - absolutely essential - and totally necessary - that you make yourself an Executive Affiliate (EA) every month!

I will give you more information on becoming EA and why it is so important to your success in SFI and what is the best and easiest way to become EA.

3) Third, find and sponsor some affiliates who show an interest in SFI! Realize that you don't need to sponsor tons of affiliates to be successful. Rather, you simply need to sponsor a handful of good people who DUPLICATE what you do. Turn your prospects into affiliates and then into Executive Affiliates like yourself. There are many ways to do this.

I will teach you exactly how to grow your business downline.

4) Lastly, give this plan to every affiliate that you've sponsored! It's essential that every sponsored affiliate of yours gets to see the plan. And most important...
Repeat this action - over and over, again and again - until that person understands how easy it can be to have a successful SFI Business and agrees with you to follow this plan and also agrees to pass it down to his/her affiliates.

As you sponsor affiliates into your SFI team, direct them to this page and they will begin to follow this plan - just as you are today.

That's it. That's all you have to do!
Using this plan, with the other basic direct action steps listed above, WILL get you exactly what you want - a thriving, successful SFI Business!


Steps to Success with SFI

Now... here's how my Steps to Success with SFI works:

As you and your sponsored affiliates pass this plan down to each new person, this is what will happen.

In order to have their own ever-growing and money-making SFI business PLUS in order to maintain their own monthly EA status (with its plethora of extra benefits),every discerning affiliate will do one or both of the following:

  1. SELL SFI's superior first-class products and services retail, to folks not yet in SFI, to get the 80% CV (doubled) sales commission on every product and service these people buy and
  2. BUY what they want or like from SFI's vast array of excellent products and services, which is what the money-saving, quality-minded SFI affiliate will do.

And, most significantly, each affiliate who gets it, who understands the vision, WILL adopt this plan and follow it, just like you.

As more EA's are produced by you and your growing affiliate sales team, with each of you continuing to execute this plan again and again, you each will become leaders with an ever-thriving business, earning money many ways!

In a short time, by following this plan, you WILL have the kind of SFI business you want.

How soon? It can be done in well under a year! And all that's required of you to accomplish this goal is produce ONE EA per month.

To reach your goal even faster, simply produce more new EA's!

The rest depends on how quickly the affiliates in your sales team implement this plan for themselves. But for it to work for you, you MUST first follow the plan yourself!

Lead by example! The secret is give what you can! It all begins with YOU! You can get what you want... if you help enough other people get what they want!

If you're serious about having a very nice monthly income, including an ever-growing residual income, then it's time, right now, for you to commit to this plan and your new "soon-to-be" Successful SFI Business!

Imagine this - and believe it! This time next year YOU could be the proud owner of a business earning you at least $10,000 monthly! And all from doing nothing more than simply using, every day, a duplicatable business plan.

It definitely can happen! Make it happen! Be smart! Be a team player and a winner! Start using the Steps to Success with SFI plan today! Follow the plan every day, make sure your sponsored affiliates follow it... and then smile all the way to the bank! Because applying the plan, consistently, persistently, and     patiently, can pay you very well indeed.

IMPORTANT - If you are not serious about developing and maintaining a successful SFI business, then please do not sign up for this training. This plan was developed for determined and motivated people.  Please understand, this is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme.  It will take hard work, consistency and determination.  Also, please always remember that I am always here to help you in any way that I can.  This training DOES NOT replace that.

To our success,
Lori Gorman

P.S. You've been given a great gift, the Steps to Success with SFI Business plan. Use it, or lose it! Begin this plan right now and continue it every day while you still can, because with life's risks and uncertainties you may never again get the chance. Tomorrow may be too late! Opportunities disappear! Don't wait until time runs out for you... because eventually it will.